Header group of photographs

Cruisin on Dearborn.       Feb. 2017

The show is scheduled to begin at 4 pm but by 3 pm parking spaces for display cars were hard to come by.  As one car departed it was quickly replaced by an new arrival.

  One car leaves and another immediately grabs the spot.                                        1931 Ford Pickup.
                     1955 Chevrolet
                  1931 Austin 7
1954 Pontiac
Austin Nealey Replica
Austin Healey 3000
Camero SS
1957 Chevrolet
Another Collectors Chevrolet
One more Chevrolet
Immaculate red Corvette
Corvette Hard-top
   Dodge Charger
            Cantilever doors
Dodge Panel Truck with Shadow design in the paint job.
An early model Ford. I just love the colors
An  early model Ford for sale.
Another arrival looking for a spot
A smoke grey mid 50's Chevy
Pontiac GTO
Bucket seat turbocharged hot rod
          Early departure
The lineup outside Englewoods.
Masda Miata
      Modified Ford
     Mustang Fastback
Vintage Mustang
      Mustang with racing stripes
    Red Convertable
       Unknown Beauty