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Englewood FL

is a destination guide for the independent traveler planning a vacation, a winter retreat or a permanent move to Englewood. It provides a different coverage than most conventional websites, bringing together information from an assortment of different sources. The site provides direct links to the major points of interest, visitor centers as well as links to many businesses.

The intention is for this site to become a respected destination and vacation guide, business and shopping directory, providing a quality and quantity of information without peer amongst independent websites. As such the site will provide unique opportunities for businesses in the Englewood tourism and travel sectors, real estate sales and rentals, restaurants and businesses to reach targeted web traffic. It should be on the short list of every business that:

is seeking a better return on their internet investment

is seeking access to targeted tourism and travel web traffic

wishes to add a quality internet exposure to their advertising mix

is seeking web exposure but is lacking in-house knowledge, resources and time

is dissatisfied with the lack of results from their existing web promotions

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