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September 2018
Welcome to Englewood, Florida, and the surrounding area. The site has grown over the years and become quite large. In addition, the area is always in a state of change and we pride ourselves on keeping the site as current as possible. The date you see at the top of the page tells you when the last changes were made.

Keep coming back to this site because we are constantly updating it with new features, places and photographs of events that have taken place.

Page Two of the Guide provides information on the beaches of Englewood, the turtles and their nests, how to get here and links to the nearest airports.

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Whether you are
planning a vacation
, looking for a
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, exploring a
to an area that is safe for your children and has opportunities for growth, or a "second home" where you can escape the winter weather and enjoy time on the beach, then Englewood, Florida could be the perfect place for you. Check out the

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Use the Travel section to find out what to see and do within a 1 hour driving distance, which is not only a help to visitors to this area but also reminds the full time residents of places to visit locally. Included in this section is a link to the movies currently being shown in Venice and Port Charlotte.

Search through this site and see what Englewood has to offer. It may just be one of the best decisions you will make.

We have re-designed the website to provide the readers with, hopefully, an easier to use interface.  Some of the items have been redistributed but can be accessed through the navigation bar across the top of the page.  When you hover over the navigation bar you will see the sub-directories associated with that title.
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After fifteen years of producing this website we have decided to share our selection of the best of Englewood for your information. We are only picking one business from each category to ensure that they get our undivided attention. Emery Auto and Diesel Repair information can be found in the
SERVICES section  or you can go directly to their website by clicking here.

Page One

of the Guide gives you information about relocating, the Englewood Community Hospital, the Chamber of Commerce, the Libraries , the Arts and the Clubs.

This weeks blog covers new home construction in the area. This includes retirement homes, apartments, single family homes and condominiums.
With all this construction in the works there is a demand for skilled workers, which will be a subject for a future blog.

Closing in on the mid-term elections so the personal note is:
On Sept. 3rd one of final events of the Pioneer Days was the Parade down Dearborn Street.

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